BRAWO® Tech hands over extensively and individually equipped renovation truck Renotec

Kaiserslautern, August 2020

In mid-June, the Belgian company Renotec picked up its fully equipped truck including box body from the BRAWO® SYSTEMS site in Kaiserslautern. The new truck will allow Renotec to act even more flexibly on the different construction sites and will ensure a fast and efficient renovation process for its customers.

The truck delivered was adapted by the experts at BRAWO® Tech exactly to the wishes and requirements of the Belgian renovation expert, Renotec. An insulated lightweight case with a robust metal lining was built on top of the 12 t chassis, making the best possible use of the available space inside: in order to be able to quickly mix the required resin on site, an electric resin mixing unit including XL tank with a total capacity of 440 kg is installed. On the opposite side there is an impregnation system in a special length, which is optimally adapted to the conditions of the vehicle.

The anti-slip aluminium chequer plate, which was glued to the floor, ensures a neat appearance and additional protection against slight damage. An auxiliary heating system for operation over several days as well as the built-in air conditioning system enable a pleasant working environment even at particularly high or low temperatures.

When it came to customising the truck, BRAWO® Tech attached particular importance to providing as much space as possible for working but also for storage: various, individually adapted drawers and shelves as well as two custom-made underfloor storage boxes offer sufficient space for material. Work safety on construction sites is increased by LED spotlights that illuminate the outdoor area. A retrofitted reversing camera makes it easier to manoeuvre on the often unclear and narrow construction sites.

“BRAWO® Tech absolutely convinced us with the vehicle development. Individual solutions were found for all our requirements and our wishes were able to be fully implemented. Thanks to the clean and precise work, we are now optimally equipped for our customers’ construction sites,” summarises Vic Uten, Renotec.

With the individually equipped rehabilitation vehicles, BRAWO® Tech provides the optimal construction site and working environment for the BRAWOLINER® rehabilitation system. This enables the rehabilitation of sewer channels and pipes in the nominal diameter range from DN 50 to DN 400 with a length of up to 100 m. Rehabilitation can either be carried out from the vehicle or even in the case of confined space conditions, in a mobile and flexible way on site. The systems are equipped with the latest technology, depending on customer requirements also for automated resin mixing and impregnation of the BRAWOLINER®.

BRAWO® SYSTEMS, the specialist in the rehabilitation of building, land and industrial drainage networks, has been developing its own rehabilitation equipment for more than 15 years as a system provider and has in that time delivered more than 100 rehabilitation vehicles to customers all over the world. The BRAWO® Tech division comprises high-tech rehabilitation equipment and accessories for the installation of the BRAWOLINER. In addition, high-quality vehicle upgrades are offered. These are not limited to one manufacturer or one model, but are carried out for vehicles of all types and makes. BRAWO® Tech thus easily responds to the individual needs and requirements of its customers.

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