BRAWO® SYSTEMS steams ahead: distribution of the AIRBAGLINER® has started

Kaiserslautern, Januar 2021

The system provider BRAWO® SYSTEMS is entering into a sales partnership with Bodenbender GmbH and will include the new AIRBAGLINER® in its product portfolio with immediate effect.

The requirements on construction sites for building and property drainage are enormous: there are often pipe networks with complicated pipe runs, many bends and changes in dimension. Often the exact pipe run is not known before the works starts. Sewer rehabilitation companies must be able to react flexibly and quickly without losing construction time. In addition to the established curing processes (ambient temperature, steam and water) in the rehabilitation of property drainage pipes, curing with light has also established itself on the market in recent years. The choice of installation technique and curing method depends on the structure and condition of the sewage pipe, the drain pipe and the pipe network as well as the constraints on site. The system provider BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers the optimum equipment for all four curing methods.

To make steam curing even easier and faster, BRAWO® SYSTEMS now offers the AIRBAGLINER® supplied by Bodenbender GmbH. The AIRBAGLINER® is characterised by a very high flexibility and an extreme sliding capacity, which greatly simplifies the inversion process even in pipes with small diameters and changes of direction.

The calibration hose made of high-strength double-weave fabric is heat-resistant up to 150°C and, depending on the reactivity of the resin used, can be removed in less than 60 minutes. The retraction process is also made much easier by the high sliding capacity.
With a pressure resistance of up to 2 bar, it is particularly suitable for negotiating bends and can be reused up to 6 times. As a result, the AIRBAGLINER® makes steam curing particularly efficient and profitable.

AIRBAGLINER® and BRAWO® SteamGenerator, a perfect team

Use the new AIRBAGLINER® in conjunction with the BRAWO® SteamGeneartor 50 UL and the BRAWO® SteamGenerator 150. A significant advantage of the new support tube: when letting the steam in, it is no longer necessary to pay meticulous attention to the temperature, making steam curing much easier. In fact, thanks to the AIRBAGLINER®, the tolerances in terms of pressure and temperature have been increased to such an extent that no uncertainties can arise on the construction site.

For further information and advice on the AIRBAGLINER®, please contact the experts at BRAWO® SYSTEMS.

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