BRAWO® Launch Day – BRAWO® SYSTEMS presents new products!

Kaiserslautern, 20 April 2021

BRAWO® SYSTEMS invites you to the virtual BRAWO® Launch Day. In a live online event, the expert for property and building drainage presents its latest developments and introduce these as part of informative expert interviews as well as vivid LIVE demonstrations.

Recording is online now!

The brand new BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300

 The innovations presented include the new BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200-300, which now optimally complements the ever-popular 3D liner product range. This means that all nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 400 can be served, even when there are dimensional changes in the pipe run.

The BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200-300 is compatible with the BRAWO® I, BRAWO® III and BRAWO® LR resin systems. Curing can be carried out as usual with steam, hot water, light or ambient temperature.

In addition, BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300 fulfils the requirements of material characteristic group 2 (EP resin, DWA data sheet M_144-3) and is therefore suitable for the rehabilitation of pipes with old pipe condition II.

The new BRAWOLINER® will be available from BRAWO® SYSTEMS from May 2021 in the familiar unit lengths of 25m, 50m and 100m.

BRAWO® Magnavity LED head Mega – Smart and powerful

The BRAWO® Magnavity light-curing system developed by BRAWO® SYSTEMS now has two smart LED heads. In addition to the already familiar Nano LED head with 96 high-performance UV LEDs for use in pipe diameters from DN 70 to DN 250, there is now also the new, extremely powerful Mega LED head.

Thanks to its 192 high-power UV LEDs and the associated greater light output, up to approx. 70 % faster curing is possible compared to the Nano LED head. The Mega LED head is suitable for rehabilitating the dimension ranges DN 125 to DN 300. From a pipe diameter of DN 150 upwards, pipes with bends can also be rehabilitated economically and efficiently.

Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity. The high level of installation safety as well as the usual high quality of BRAWO® Tech, the brand for high-quality rehabilitation equipment, is guaranteed.

The combination of BRAWO® Magnavity and BRAWOLINER® is ideally suited to the difficult construction sites involving property drainage: the BRAWOLINER® can be used together with the light curing unit, and no additional liners have to be provided. This means that the outstanding properties of the BRAWOLINER®, such as its extreme bend flexibility, can also be utilised.

BRAWOLINER®  3D – the only liner with DIBt approvals for all curing methods – also for curing with LED and UV light

 In May 2019, BRAWO® SYSTEMS became the first 3D liner to receive a generally valid building authority approval from the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) for curing with LED and UV light. With the approval, all systems offered by BRAWO® SYSTEMS – including light curing – have been tested and approved by the DIBt and their high quality and safe use have been verified.

The BRAWOLINER® is a seamless textile hose with seamless film coating. Due to a special loop construction, all BRAWOLINER® hoses are extremely flexible, making them the ideal rehabilitation solution for defective pipes with dimensional changes and bends of up to 90°. Due to the special loop construction, the liner adapts optimally and almost crease-free to the course of the pipe. The liner can be used for all curing methods: customers do not need to stock different liners, and only the light-curing BRAWO® LR resin is required as a supplement.

BRAWO® Magnavity – Smart – Efficient – Powerful

 These three attributes stand for the innovative BRAWO® Magnavity system, which makes light curing even smarter, more efficient and more powerful. The system consists of a choice of two intelligent LED heads, a 50-m long combination hose with integrated energy and compressed air supply, a retraction unit and a control box.

The innovative, unique design of the LED head allows it to be retracted simultaneously with the inversion of the liner. Curing is thus carried out immediately after installation of the liner, without the need for additional insertion of the eel.

In this way, a complete work step is saved, and even with long pipes and ducts, one access point (e.g. inspection opening) is sufficient for the rehabilitation.

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