Successful rehabilitation in the centre of Lyon

Lyon, 2021

STRACCHI, a sewer rehabilitation company with almost 60 years of experience in the French metropolis of Lyon, relies on the BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300

The sewer, which was getting on in years and needed to be rehabilitated, was heavily cracked. It was located in a lateral line to the main line under the main street, in the centre of Lyon. There was no direct access from the street to the lateral pipe from which the rehabilitation work could have taken place. The only possibility to install the liner was therefore from the accessible main pipe. This was the particular challenge of the project.

Due to the limited space at the construction site, the BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300 impregnated with BRAWO® III resin was installed in a flexible plastic pipe. This plastic pipe served as a replacement for the usual inversion hose. The BRAWOLINER® with the plastic pipe was brought to the underground connection in the accessible main sewer and inverted into the sewer to be rehabilitated using the inversion method in the tightest of spaces. The BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL was then used for curing. The mobile heating device quickly and reliably supplied the required amount of steam to accelerate the curing of the liner in the pipe. Open-end installation technology was used, as there was only one access point. For the installation, a calibration hose from BRAWO® SYSTEMS with a bend flexibility of up to 45° was used, which served as a support hose for inserting the liner into the pipe to be rehabilitated.

STRACCHI’s rehabilitation team needed one hour for preparation and about three hours for installation including curing.
STRACCHI has been using BRAWO® SYSTEMS products for two years now and is enthusiastic: “We are very satisfied with the products and equipment from BRAWO® SYSTEMS. Top quality products and service, it doesn’t get any better than that. With our contact person Yaker Ait, we regularly exchange ideas about possible innovative solutions.”

Interesting facts about the BRAWO® SYSTEMS products used

The resins of BRAWO® SYSTEMS are especially developed for the rehabilitation of sewerage systems. The BRAWO® epoxy resins will harden or cure at both ambient and higher temperatures. The application of heat considerably reduces the cure time. Thanks to the longer processing time, the BRAWO® III is suitable for the renovation of longer pipe sections or large pipe diameters

A liner for all applications in building and property drainage.
The BRAWOLINER® 3D was specially developed for large dimensional changes or several jumps in dimension in succession. In nominal widths from DN 70 to DN 400, the seamlessly knitted liner adapts optimally to any pipe diameter and impresses with an excellent installation result.
The unique, extremely flexible polyester loop construction allows for enormous lateral expansion. This makes the BRAWOLINER® 3D an optimal rehabilitation solution for difficult sewer systems.
The BRAWOLINER® 3D was also able to demonstrate these unique properties in various special profiles. Due to the enormous lateral expansion, the liner fits perfectly and crease-free to the side and pipe bottom of an egg profile. Here, too, multiple dimensional changes and bends of up to 90 degrees are no problem.

BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL
Steam Curing.
The new BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL is particularly distinguished by its low weight and mobility – a flexible use at the working site is easily possible.

Advantages of the BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL

  • Diesel-fired flow-type heater
  • Mobile heating device
  • Temperature up to 120°C
  • Low warm-up time of 2-3 minutes
  • Optionally available water softener and replacement cartridges

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