BRAWOLINER® SYSTEMS – when good things get even better!

Kaiserslautern, November 2022

How can trenchless pipe rehabilitation become even easier and more effective? These are the questions that the experts at BRAWO® SYSTEMS ask on a daily basis whilst working on new solutions to constantly improve the portfolio. This is how the tried-and-tested BRAWOLINER® was also DN 100 is optimised.

Even more flexible and crease-free

The BRAWOLINER® DN 100 now bends more flexibly due to its optimised, narrower shape. It is even easier to invert it without almost any creases. This means that even difficult pipe runs with many bends and changes in dimensions can be rehabilitated even better. Thanks to its special, seamless loop construction, the BRAWOLINER® DN 100 continues to impress due to its extraordinary flexibility and durability.

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