BRAWO® SRR – The new, extremely fast epoxy resin for impregnating the BRAWOLINER® and the BRAWOLINER® connection collars

Kaiserslautern, December 2022

Kaiserslautern, January 15, 2023. With the new BRAWO® SRR resin system, the system provider BRAWO® SYSTEMS is expanding its product portfolio with another resin for the very fast rehabilitation of short waste water pipes with the BRAWOLINER® and connections with the BRAWOLINER® connection collars.

BRAWO® SRR is extremely fast, especially when it comes to curing at ambient temperature. During hot curing, the new resin system can be cured in 30 minutes.

The BRAWO® SRR also has a significantly shorter “cold curing time” compared to the BRAWO® RR previously used for short waste water pipes and connections – with the same processing time.

This saves the user the time-consuming installation of additional equipment to accelerate the curing process, such as hot water or steam systems.

The new product continues to offer its users an extremely high degree of flexibility: the hardener
(B component) of the BRAWO® SRR can also be used with the master component or component A of the epoxy resins BRAWO® I or BRAWO® III. The system therefore allows three different processing and hardening times with one master component.

BRAWO® SRR stands for very fast rehabilitation and is now available in 10 kg and 1.5 kg combined containers.


Processing time and curing time

1.5 kg packaging processing time Minutes Approx. 10 At +15°C material/ air temperature until temperature rises to +40°C
Processing time of the soaked textile, laid out according to the length Minutes Approx. 30 At +15°C
Curing time of the soaked textile until the setting pressure drops Minutes Approx. 2 At +20°C
Curing time of the soaked textile during hot curing until the setting pressure drops Minutes Approx. 30 At +50 °C
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