Successful in-house rehabilitation of 29 rain pipes with the BRAWOLINER® HT in a residential complex in Bonn

Bonn, 2023

The rainwater pipes of 3 building complexes in Bonn were showing major signs of damage and had to be repaired. For this purpose, Vereinigte Bonner Wohnungsbau AG commissioned the company Abfluss Kanaltechnik Müller GmbH (AKM), which has many years of experience as a specialist for sewer rehabilitation and cleaning.

Between January and March 2023, 29 rainwater pipes with lengths between 15 and 30 metres were completely rehabilitated from the roof. To this end, AKM opted for in-house rehabilitation without cutting and demolition work with proven products from BRAWO® SYSTEMS.

The BRAWOLINER ® HT DN 100 and DN125 was used as well as the BRAWOLINER® HT 3D DN 100-150, which are especially suitable for the in-house sector. For example, the product meets the requirements for fire protection and thermal dimensional stability.

The BRAWOLINER ® HT was impregnated with a mechanical impregnating tape and the epoxy resin BRAWO® HT for cold and hot curing. The inversion process was then carried out from the roof with a BRAWO® Tech inversion drum DN 700 UL and the liner was cured under ambient temperature (cold curing).

A logistical masterpiece in this project was the rehabilitation of the rainwater pipes from the roof of the building. The large pieces of equipment had to be lifted by crane onto the roof of the 25-m-high residential complex. In addition, the electrical and cold-sensitive equipment had to be stored in the basement of the building every day due to frost. The rehabilitation was able to be successfully carried in 35 working days despite the weather thanks to the BRAWO® SYSTEMS inliner process.

Total consumption on the construction site:

BRAWO® HT resin                                         828 kg

BRAWOLINER® HT DN 100                          330 m

BRAWOLINER® HT DN 125                          150 m

BRAWOLINER® HT 3D DN 100-150             25 m

Products used

BRAWO® HT epoxy resin

The resin systems from BRAWO® SYSTEMS have been developed for all common rehabilitation requirements of domestic and industrial sewers. The BRAWO® epoxy resins can cure both cold and hot. The resin for rehabilitation inside buildings meets the requirements with regard to thermal dimensional stability (≥ 93 °C according to DIN 75-2) and fire protection (building material class B2 according to DIN 4102).

BRAWOLINER® HT: the special product for the rehabilitation of internal pipes (in-house)

The BRAWOLINER® HT is a seamless textile hose for the rehabilitation of defective pipes with complicated pipe runs and small nominal widths. Due to a special loop construction, the BRAWOLINER® HT is extremely flexible. This makes it the ideal rehabilitation solution for defective pipes with bends of up to 90° and up to two dimensional changes. With a service life of up to 50 years, the BRAWOLINER® HT is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to open construction. Thus, the sewage system in buildings and houses can be rehabilitated quickly and cleanly, almost silently, without opening ceilings and walls.

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