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BRAWO® Academy

BRAWO® Academy starts with a new concept!

In the future, the training centre will offer two intensive courses for in-house and GEA rehabilitation.

On individual dates for 3-4 people, the basic principles and practical execution of rehabilitation will be taught. In the practical part, the preparations and an initial installation will be carried out, then further design variants demonstrated and the handling of milling units taught.

If both training courses are booked together, they can be held at our training centre on three consecutive days. In this case we will grant a discount of 10 % on the total price.

BRAWO® SYSTEMS founds BRAWO® Academy

BRAWO® has founded the BRAWO® Academy. In a comprehensive programme of training and development, various courses surrounding rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and regulations will be on offer.

In Germany alone, there are approx. 47.5 million buildings; the waste water generated in them is fed into the public sewage network via complex in-house pipes, underground pipelines and connecting channels. The percentage of trenchless sewer rehabilitation is the public sector is over 60 %.

That is why the rehabilitation of sewerage networks on plots of land and particularly inside buildings without chiselling and demolition work is becoming increasingly important. The time and cost saving when it comes to rehabilitation and modernisation work on drainage areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, downpipes, underground pipes, connection channels to the public sewage system is enormous. Hose liners  provide a way of resolving the rehabilitation backlog cost-effectively and promptly – at a quality which corresponds to a new construction.

In order to implement this, however, gaps in knowledge must be closed and existing expertise developed. In this respect, the BRAWO® Academy provides help with a comprehensive programme of training and development surrounding the building drainage network. The contents of the courses include rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and regulations. The course participants are given certificates providing evidence of the content supplied. A test must also be taken sometimes for this.

The BRAWO® Academy Programme:

  • Training of sewer rehabilitators and service providers for the rehabilitation of drainage pipes and channels installed underground, theory and practice
  • Training of sewer rehabilitators and service providers for the rehabilitation of in-house pipes, theory and practice
  • Building site support for sewer rehabilitators and service providers
  • Training of engineers and planners in cooperation with Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences
  • In-house consultancy and training for housing associations and property management firms

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