By means of the original Spray-Liner® procedure old sewer pipes will be renovated reliably and cost efficiently from inside.

Thanks to the patented Spray-Liner® renovation method leakages of sewer pipes in inhabited buildings such as apartment- or industrial buildings can be renovated without rubble and dust pollution. This is a great benefit in particular for hospitals or hotels.

Existing sanitary connections (such as toilet or wash basin) are used to reach the defective pipes to spray them.

An especially developed epoxy resin produced in Germany is applied onto the interior of the pipe wall, thus old pipes will be sealed long-lasting.

Furthermore this non-disruptive and therefore cost-effective Spray-Liner® method is an interesting alternative for house owners and insurances.

The Spray-Liner® process in detail

  • An internal renovation of sewage pipes with inner diameters starting from 34mm up to 155mm in inhabited apartments and buildings.
  • Usage of an inodorous, elasticized two-component epoxy resin system
  • Suitable for nearly all kind of pipe materials such as PVC, vitrified clay, concrete, cast iron, fibre cement, GRP, PE, PP and so on.
  • With this homogenous internal coating of sewer pipes Spray-Liner® offers an efficient alternative to the conventional exchange of old pipes

Application area

  • This system can be applied to all sewer pipes within a building starting at a diameter of 34mm.
  • The Spray-Liner® method is suitable for all current materials like PVC, concrete, PE, PP, cast iron and vitrified clay.
  • Typical damages such as mechanical wear, voids, radial- or longitudinal cracks, leakages or corrosion can be repaired with the Spray-Liner® method.
  • This new renovation method allows to renovate sewer pipes horizontally and vertically including pipe bends and side connections.
    And all this without any dirt making demolition of walls, ground floors or ceiling.
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