This was IFAT 2022

Munich, June 2022

We were on site again! Once more, we were able to exchange ideas with you in person. Our experts presented the […]

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BRAWO® UVPox: Light curing in a new epoxy resin dimension

Kaiserslautern, May 2022

­BRAWO® UVPox is the new epoxy resin for innovative curing with UV and LED light.  The advantages of BRAWO® UVPox:   Positive fit in […]

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IFAT PreView

Kaiserslautern, 11/04/2022

Light curing on the next level! BRAWO® SYSTEMS, the specialist in the rehabilitation of building and property drainage systems will be […]

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Successful rehabilitation in the centre of Lyon

Lyon, 2021

STRACCHI, a sewer rehabilitation company with almost 60 years of experience in the French metropolis of Lyon, relies on the BRAWOLINER® […]

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Close to Montparnasse: renovation of 50-year-old inhouse pipes in the Pullmann Hotel, Paris

Paris, January 2022

With more than 3000 m of BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 100-150 and 4 tonnes of BRAWO® resin, the company AFS Chemisage renovated […]

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Carve-out completed: BRAWO® SYSTEMS business unit is now BRAWO SYSTEMS GmbH

Wolfstein, November 2021

The BRAWO® SYSTEMS business unit has been carved out from KOB GmbH and now operates independently as BRAWO SYSTEMS GmbH. The […]

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Complex rehabilitation under extreme conditions: quick & simple with BRAWO® Magnavity and BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300

Wetter, August 2021

Lobbe Kanaltechnik GmbH & Co KG, known as LKT for short, is a fourth-generation family business that provides comprehensive sewer services. […]

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BRAWO® Magnavity now also in the Southwest at Abwassertechnik Kapp

Kaiserslautern, Oktober 2021

Abwassertechnik-Kapp, the South German expert for pipe and sewer rehabilitation, relies on the new BRAWO® Magnavity light curing technology and is […]

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The smart BRAWO® Magnavity light-curing system now also in use at MRK

Potthagen, September 2021

Müller Rohr- und Kanalreinigung GmbH based in the north German town of Potthagen is investing in its first BRAWO® Magnavity light-curing […]

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In-house rehabilitation in Barthels Hof with the BRAWOLINER® HT

Leipzig, 12.08.2021

It is the conditions on site that make the rehabilitation of all the waste water pipes in the historic Barthels Hof […]

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BRAWO® Launch Day – BRAWO® SYSTEMS presents new products!

Kaiserslautern, 20 April 2021

BRAWO® SYSTEMS invites you to the virtual BRAWO® Launch Day. In a live online event, the expert for property and building […]

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BRAWO® Magnavity – Light Curing the Smart Way

Kaiserslautern, April 2021

Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity. Guaranteed with the usual installation safety and high quality […]

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BRAWO® Launch Day – We’ll present our innovations!

Online Event, 20. April 2021

You’re invited by BRAWO® SYSTEMS On 20th of April 2021 we will present our latest developments to you in LIVE demonstrations, […]

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Long-time Polish user INSPOL successfully applies the BRAWOLINER® 3D 300-400

Kaiserslautern, March 2021

In Legnica, Poland, Inspol employees rehabilitated a 32 m long stretch of defective concrete pipes with a diameter of 400 mm. […]

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BRAWO® SYSTEMS steams ahead: distribution of the AIRBAGLINER® has started

Kaiserslautern, Januar 2021

The system provider BRAWO® SYSTEMS is entering into a sales partnership with Bodenbender GmbH and will include the new AIRBAGLINER® in […]

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Abwassertechnik-Kapp relies on light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity

Kaiserslauter, October 2020

Abwassertechnik-Kapp, the North German expert for pipe and sewer rehabilitation, relies on the new BRAWO® Magnavity light curing technology and is […]

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BRAWO® Tech hands over extensively and individually equipped renovation truck Renotec

Kaiserslautern, August 2020

In mid-June, the Belgian company Renotec picked up its fully equipped truck including box body from the BRAWO® SYSTEMS site in […]

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BRAWO® SYSTEMS operates quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Kaiserslautern, July 2020

BBRAWO® SYSTEMS operates a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Our management system is designed to achieve […]

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Rimtec – Frank Preuss, relies on extensively upgraded BRAWO® Tech rehabilitation trailers for rehabilitation service providers in Switzerland

Kaiserslautern, July 2020

The company Rimtec – Frank Preuss is a Swiss specialist dealer for sewer cleaning and rehabilitation technology. As part of a […]

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BRAWO® SYSTEMS extends and expands its DIBt approval for the underground installation sector

Kaiserslautern, May 2020

BRAWO® SYSTEMS has successfully completed the comprehensive test programme specified by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik […]

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