• Trenchless pipe rehabilitation

    The trenchless rehabilitation allows a quick, cheap and durable rehabilitation of pipes within buildings, buried pipes and pipe connections. The BRAWOLINER®-process is a no dig rehabilitation solution. Excavation work or uncovering the faulty pipes is not necessary. This saves not only time but money.


The innovative solution for the rehabilitation of defective small diameter pipes

BRAWOLINER® is the supplier that offers seamless textile liners. Iovative, flexible and virtually fold-free

Thanks to a special knitted construction all BRAWOLINER® are extremely flexible. This makes it the perfect solution for defective pipes containing multiple bends of up to 90° and up to two dimensional changes. These excellent product characteristics also impressed in the IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure) product test, in which BRAWOLINER® was by far the top performer, multiple times.

For particularly complex pipe systems, we offer BRAWOLINER® 3D and BRAWOLINER® XT.

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