Property drainage

High demand for pipe rehabilitation

The total length of drainage systems on private and industrial properties is far greater than the public sewer system. Studies in various regions recorded a leakage of 50 to 70 percent. One fifth of the tested pipes should be rehabilitated in the short to medium term to avoid more serious damage in the future. There is so much to do – let’s go for it.

The Problems


Through defective pipes waste water can enter into the ground. The discharge of pollutants into the ground is illegal and contamination of soil and groundwater must be avoided.


If clean groundwater and rainwater enters faulty waste water pipes, it must be cleaned at the treatment plant and this leads to a significant increase in sewage charges.

Value of the property

Leaking pipes can cause a wet basement, a blockage or even a collapse of the pipes during heavy rainfall. If the damage is detected in time, it can be easily removed and expensive consequential damage can be avoided.

With the proven BRAWOLINER® system, the rehabilitation measures can be carried out quickly, permanently and cost-effectively.