BRAWO® SYSTEMS Center in America:

Pipe relining is the technology that is transforming the profitability of plumbing and drainage companies in the US. American Pipelining Supplies is at the forefront of this change, offering a complete solution: world-leading relining technology, systems and accessories, including the BRAWOLINER®– system. From inversion CIPP relining to patch and joint repairs, APS has the answer.

The solutions benefit from years of research, development and applications in the local market in the USA to be perfectly equipped for local conditions, pipes and plumbing codes. They are proven solutions used in millions of dollars worth of local pipe rehabilitation and are ideal for US plumbing contractors.

APS also provides the training, support and solutions to help their customers get it right the first time. Customers can benefit from ongoing phone support and even on-site training anywhere in the US. Whatever the pipe rehabilitation challenge, APS is there to help with support.

American Pipe Lining Supplies Ltd

112 N Park Dr,
Anderson SC 29625
Tel: 888-258-9359
Email :

Jake Saltzman

General Manager
Office 855-997-0524
Call 941-266-0044

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