Rehabilitation Equipment

The correct installation equipment and tools are the key to the successful installation as well as the materials used and the skills and expertise of the installation team. For this reason BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and easy-to-use tools and machinery. All equipment has been specially developed for the renovation of small diameter drain and sewers.

Resin mixers

BRAWO® Resin Mixing Unit

BRAWO® Resin Mixing Unit The right dosage of resin and hardener as well as a homogeneous mixture of both components are […]

BRAWO® Manual Compulsory Mixer – For Bubble-Free Mixing

BRAWO® Tech offers a compulsory mixer that allows resin and hardener to be mixed thoroughly without bubbles. Specially formed counter-rotating mixing […]

BRAWO® impregnation plant and accessories

BRAWO® Manual Impregnation System

The manual impregnation system is a good starter solution. The mobile unit can be easily transported and set up in-house or […]

BRAWO® Electrical Impregnation System

The convenient and professional solution. The electrical impregnation system also enables careful and uniform impregnation of long rehabilitation sections or large […]

BRAWO® inversion equipment and accessories

BRAWO® Inversion Druml Mini DN 600

This drum offers a large capacity at a low weight and combines the advantages of the proven BRAWO® Inversion Drums with […]

BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 700 UL

The lightest 700 mm stainless steel drum on the market, with a weight of less than 50 kg

BRAWO® Inversionstrommel DN 800

Universal drum with large capacity for long rehabilitation sections.

BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 800 XL

The drum with the largest capacity and including a camera insertion valve for visual inspection during the rehabilitation.

BRAWO® curing devices and accessories

BRAWO® PressureControl SP

The compact appliance is suitable for installing connection collars by cold curing. With just one hand you can vent the packer […]

BRAWO® SteamBox 5

For accelerating the curing of connecting pipes and short downpipes in buildings and for the rehabilitation of connecting pipes. Advantages of […]

BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL

The new BRAWO® SteamGenerator 50 UL is particularly distinguished by its low weight and mobility – a flexible use at the […]

BRAWO® SteamGenerator 150

Mobile, diesel-fired flow-type heater High steam output of approx. 150 kg/hour Reinforced chassis for building site deployment Ready with connection mounts


The BRAWO® HotBox HQ is a diesel-powered continuous heater specially designed for domestic sewer renovation. Thanks to the high heating output, […]

BRAWO® Cleaning equipment

BRAWO® MiniCleaner

The ideal high-speed option (up to 2900RPM) for cleaning, descaling and blockage removal in various types of pipes in nominal sizes […]

BRAWO® VortexCutter

BRAWO® VortexCutter

The Cutter consists of a powerful 230-V-power unit with a flexible wave and an extensive tool package. The cutter can open […]

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