BRAWO® Impregnation System

A key factor in producing a high quality lining is the ability to evenly impregnate the liner with resin. BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers two high grade and especially functional professional devices

BRAWO® Electrical Impregnation System

The convenient and professional solution. The electrical impregnation system also enables careful and uniform impregnation of long rehabilitation sections or large diameters without manual effort.

  • Continuous regulation of the roller spacing with digital display
  • Light, slim and individually positionable
  • Electrical belt drive (forward and reverse)
  • Rollers driven synchronously
  • Roller speed continuous regulation
  • Pull-out roller belt for extending the working area
Technical data electrical impregnation system
Belt length 3000 mm
Roller belt 2500 mm
Belt width 500 mm for liner up to DN 300
Working height ca. 860 mm, table approx. 6° inclination

Accesoires Impregnation System

Vaccuum Pump

A vacuum pump facilitates impregnation and significantly reduces the danger of air inclusions. BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers two powerful pumps for quickly evacuating excess air.

  • Oil-free and air-cooled
  • With integrated suction filter, vacuum control valve and relief valve
  • Includes vacuum hose with suction device
  • Available with various power levels

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