BRAWO® Resins

The resins of BRAWO® SYSTEMS are especially developed for the rehabilitation of sewerage systems. The BRAWO® epoxy resins will harden or cure at both ambient and higher temperatures. The application of heat considerably reduces the cure time. For fast curing with light the vinyl ester resin „BRAWO® LR“ must be used.

These resins have been optimised for use with the BRAWOLINER® and have outstanding properties:

BRAWO® Epoxy Resin

Our reactive resins have been optimally adapted to all common rehabilitation requirements.


The resin for rehabilitating pipes inside buildings meets all structural requirements like dimensional stability under heat ≥ 93 °C and fire safety German building materials class B2 (in accordance with DIN 4102-1).

Processing and Curing Times
Processing time 20°C 70 min
Curing time 18°C 18 hrs
Curing time 50°C 140 min
Curing time 70°C 80 min

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