BRAWO® Inversion Drums

The inversion process is decisive for the rehabilitation result. The liner can only conform to the pipe wall when it is inverted
with a constant and uniform pressure. BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers professional high quality inversion drums. The
best stainless steel, high quality workmanship and clever design enable an optimal result and professional operation
over the long-term.

Advantages and Technical Highlights of the BRAWO® Inversion Drums

Drum axle with water connection

  • Easy filling of the liner with water without the need to open the drum
  • Output on the underside for water circulation

Pressure control on the rear of the drum

  • Enables precise regulation of the inversion and holding pressures
  • Fill height display (water level)

Hose connection fitted to the drum axle

  • Possible to invert the water hose

Solid base construction with pneumatic tires

  • For safe and simple transport

Inversion angle can be swivelled or adjusted in height

  • Optimal positioning of the inversion pipe

Large hand wheel

  • For regulating the inversion speed
  • Can be fixed in place

BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 800

Universal drum with large capacity for long rehabilitation sections.

Capacity of the BRAWO® Inversion Drums
DN 800 With water hose, ¾ With water hose and calibration hose
Drum volume 145.72 L
Weight ca. 79 kg
L x W x H (cm) 125 x 70 x 115
DN 50 270 m 140 m
DN 70 165 m 130 m 78 m
DN 100 100 m 78 m 52 m
DN 125 80 m 62 m 41 m
DN 150 65 m 47 m 35 m
DN 200 50 m 38 m 25 m
DN 300

Accessoires BRAWO® Inversion Drums - Flexible and Robust

Inversion Pipes

  • Straight and bent
  • Coupling Storz F-205, F-150 and A-110
  • Diameters (mm) 50, 70, 100/120, 150, 200, 300

Inversion hoses

  • for flexible extension of the inversion pipes
  • Storz coupling F-205, F-150 and A-110
  • Lengths 0.5 m, 1 m, 2 m, 3 m; Different
    lengths possible

Retaining strap

  • Sturdy flat cord for control and secure regulation of the inversion speed

Camera gate

  • The camera gate can be used during the curing process to visually check the rehabilitation results without any loss of pressure

Blind coupling F150 (water)

  • If several liners need closing off, the use of a blind coupling is recommended. This makes it possible to separate the pressure drum after inversion from the inversion bend and maintain the liner under pressure until it has completed curing
  • 2 connections for air/water

BRAWO® Tripod for Water Column Inversion for DN 200 and DN 300

  • Installation device for inversion using hydrostatic pressure (water column)

GEKA water hose connection and plastic lip

  • Integrated water hose connection with GEKA coupling
  • Plastic lip prevents damage to the liner

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