Curing of BRAWO® resins

BRAWO® epoxy resins can cure at ambient temperature. The addition of heat can significantly reduce the curing
time. This can be implemented in the form of hot water or steam. BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers reliable heating units, both for
curing acceleration using water or steam, that rapidly pay for themselves.

Light Curing

Curing with Light

BRAWO® Magnavity

BRAWO® Magnavity - Light Curing the Smart Way

Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity. Guaranteed with the usual installation safety and high quality from BRAWO® Tech.

The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 50-metre long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction unit and a control box.

More Information

Technical Data
Weight: approx. 60 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) : 719 x 496 x 955 mm
Connected load [kW]: 1.2 kW
Max. range (or hose length) [m]: 50 m (hose length)
Retraction speed [m/min]: 0,1 – 2,0 m/min

BRAWO® Magnavity - Smart. Efficient. Strong.


  • Exchangeable LED heads with integrated operating hours monitoring
  • Installation log and interface to mobile end device (USB, W-LAN)
  • Reversible dual camera
  • Intelligent LED heads with integrated magnetic coupling for
    electromagnetic remote unlocking
  • Plug & Play: Automatic recognition of the LED head used


  • Low power consumption with high light output
  • 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency
  • Saves a complete operation, only one access point necessary
  • “Turtle” function for safe curing in the inlet area


  • Very fast curing 
  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° possible from DN 100
  • Easy transportation thanks to modular, lightweight construction

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