BRAWO® ShortLiner

The BRAWO® ShortLiner consists of:


  • Tried-and-tested seamless, highly flexible carrier material
  • Easy to soak
  • Very good bend flexibility
  • Suitable for several changes in dimension






  • Tried-and-test bi-component EP resin system
  • Fast curing even at ambient temperature
  • Proven combination of materials
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good mechanical characteristics
  • Positive and frictional fit on most old pipe materials





Bendy Packer

  • Special packer for repairing damage on sharp bends
  • Removable control ball for complicated pipe runs
  • Control guide for insertion into junctions
  • Several changes in dimension possible
  • Bladder expanding centrally to the ends, ensures the carrier material is pressed on without creases
  • Length expansion control ensures resilience and longevity
  • Compatible with air-driven push rods from the PICOTE connection cuff system 2.0


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