Curing of BRAWO® resins

BRAWO® epoxy resins can cure at ambient temperature. The addition of heat can significantly reduce the curing
time. This can be implemented in the form of hot water or steam. BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers reliable heating units, both for
curing acceleration using water or steam, that rapidly pay for themselves.

Steam Curing

In addition to curing resin-impregnated liners for domestic sewer rehabilitation with hot water, steam curing has also established itself. This is particularly the case for the renovation of downpipes, where water curing is only possible in shorter pipe sections with approx. 4 metres height difference. Steam curing has significant advantages in this case.

BRAWO® SteamGenerator 150

Steam Curing

  • Mobile, diesel-fired flow-type heater
  • High steam output of approx. 150 kg/hour
  • Reinforced chassis for building site deployment
  • Ready with connection mounts
Tecnical Data
Steam capacity: 150 kg/h
Steam power: 90000 W
Steam pressure: 5 bar
Steam temperature: Max. 159 °C
Weight: ca. 260 kg
Thermal output: bis 105 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 1400 x 600 x 1300


Accesoires BRAWO® Steam Curing

BRAWO® Control UL

  • Manual control unit for regulation of curing pressure and curing temperature

BRAWO® Softening System

  • Delivers a permanent high quality of the water supply and protects the boiler against scale/incrustation
  • Incl. reversible flow filter and protection frame, as well as 20 kg salt tablets

Steam Connection Adapter

  • Enables the use in combination with the inversion drum

BRAWO® Steam Sleeve

  • Prevents condensing water from collecting in the liner and delaying curing in those areas due to a lower temperature
  • The insertable hose enables the water to be transported away

Steam Hose Extension (20 m)

  • Including double nipple for connection with steam hoses from basic set

Steam Hose Set (20 m)

  • 2 x 5 m, 1 x 10 m hoses and couplings for connection of all necessary equipment components

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