BRAWO® Rehabilitation Vehicles

The rehabilitation vehicles of BRAWO® Tech offer optimum working conditions for each rehabilitation team. The ergonomic design of the impregnation unit, the climate control cabinet and the layout of the work area make work considerably easier. Tools, equipment and materials can be safely stored in clear and well laid-out racks and storage spaces which keep everything tidy and secure during transportation.

BRAWO® Vehicle Fitting

Professional configuration of rehabilitation vehicles

  • All rehabilitation vehicles are planned with the customer. In this manner, you will obtain a very realistic impression upfront of the subsequent configuration.
  • The optimal spatial loading and weight distribution can also be simulated in this way
  • The vehicles are configured by specially qualified staff in our own machine and system workshop
  • The ergonomic design, top quality construction and comprehensive service are a priority to us
  • It goes without saying that the trailer, the electronic installation and all the equipment has all been inspected by experts and is CE-certified

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