BRAWO® VortexCutter

The Cutter consists of a powerful 230-V-power unit with a flexible wave and an extensive tool package. The cutter can open an inlet in less than 10 minutes even in the case with bends and diameter changes. The low investment costs and minimal tooling & cleaning times also contribute to the particular economic efficiency of the cutter.

Advantages of the BRAWO® VortexCutter

Very economical

  • Quick and reliable opening of lateral connections
  • Low investment costs
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning
  • High quality ensuring a long life
  • Electrically driven – with 230 V power plug
  • No compressor required

Reliable even in small diameters

  • DN 100 to DN 300
  • Convenient for all pipe materials
  • For all connection angles


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Adaptable to individual applications

The BRAWO® VortexCutter series: 3 professionals

BRAWO® VortexCutter SuperMidi
With the BRAWO® VortexCutter SuperMidi you can open connections from DN 100 up to DN 150. The maximum working distance is 20 meters.

BRAWO® VortexCutter Maxi

With the BRAWO® VortexCutter Maxi you can open connections from DN 100 bis DN 200. The powerful 230V motor enables excellent power transmission. The range has been extended with the 20-metre shaft.

BRAWO® VortexCutter MaxiPowerPlus

The most powerful device of the VortexCutter series. You can open connections from DN 100 up to DN 300. The powerful motor enables an excellent power transmission. The maximum working distance is 20 metres.

Technical data BRAWO® VortexCutter series
Model Diameter range Range Shaft
SuperMidi DN 100-150 20 m 12 mm
Maxi DN 100-200 30 m 12 mm
MaxiPowerPlus DN 100-300 20 m 18 mm

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