BRAWOLINER® - The Solution for Defective Pipes

BRAWOLINER® Pipe Rehabilitation

Bevor the installation, the flexible BRAWOLINER® will be impregnated with epoxy resin and then inserted in the defective pipe by using air or water pressure. BRAWOLINER® lines the pipe completely and eliminates all existing and potential damages. The result is a completely new and dense tube in the old pipe with significantly better static properties.

Inhouse Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of wastewater pipes in buildings is subject to special requirements and strict structural rules. The BRAWOLINER® HT rehabilitation system meets all structural requirements and has moreover the exacting DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of drainage systems within buildings.

BRAWOLINER® - Leaking Pipes

The BRAWOLINER® Rehabilitation is the ideal solution for defective drainage systems in private houses and large real estates, industrial plants, hospitals and gas stations. The trenchless rehabilitation allows a quick, cheap and durable rehabilitation of pipes within buildings, buried pipes and pipe connections.

High renovation needs

BRAWOLINER® can also be used for the rehabilitation in buildings. The result is a completely new waste water pipe. The advantages: no demolition or excavation work, shorter contruction period, very low noise and dirt.

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Rehabilitation works with ease

As system supplier, we offer a complete and first class range of products. Alongside our own liners and epoxy resin, we can also supply the appropriate installation, leak testing and monitoring equipment.

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The BRAWO® Rehabilitation Partner

The BRAWO® SYSTEMS installation partner are at your disposal Germany-wide for the high-value rehabilitation of the damages at your building and property drainage system.

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is a seamless textile hose for an optimal rehabilitation of defective pipes. Thanks to its special loop construction, the BRAWOLINER® is extremely flexible. This makes it the perfect solution for defective pipes containing multiple bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in diameter.


offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and easy-to-use tools, machinery and services for the optimum rehabilitation of defective pipes. Individual equipped rehabilitation trailers or vehicles offer perfect working conditions for each rehabilitation team. 


offers a comprehensive programme of training and development surrounding rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and regulations.


offers a rehabilitation spraying method for all sewage pipes installed in-house. The revolutionary technology for pipe rehabilitation – without excavation and cutting work.



Rimtec – Frank Preuss, relies on extensively upgraded BRAWO® Tech rehabilitation trailers for rehabilitation service providers in Switzerland

Kaiserslautern, July 2020

The company Rimtec – Frank Preuss is a Swiss specialist dealer for sewer cleaning and rehabilitation technology. As part of a […]

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BRAWO® SYSTEMS operates quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Kaiserslautern, July 2020

BBRAWO® SYSTEMS operates a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Our management system is designed to achieve […]

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BRAWO® SYSTEMS extends and expands its DIBt approval for the underground installation sector

Kaiserslautern, May 2020

BRAWO® SYSTEMS has successfully completed the comprehensive test programme specified by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik […]

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UNTEC – New Date

Angers, (France), 09. -10. September 2020

Meet the experts of BRAWO® SYSTEMS at Untec 2020 in Angers (France), one of the most important fairs of the construction industry in France. We are on site for you and we are looking forward to meet you!

IFAT 2020 – Cancelled

Munich, 07.09. - 11.09.2020

Due to the current Corona situation, IFAT 2020 is cancelled. The next regular IFAT will take place from May, 30th – June, 03rd 2022. We’re looking forward to meet you in two years in Munich in the best of health!

Deutscher Schlauchlinertag – New Date

Kassel, 15.09.2020

A forum for the exchange of experiences and new insights of the hose liner technology is the basic idea of the “Deutsche Schlauchlinertag”. We are looking forward to meet you!

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