BRAWO® Pico passes difficult test course

The service offered by the system provider BRAWO® SYSTEMS includes product demonstrations at the customer’s site. Together with the authorised BRAWO® SYSTEMS Partner Fluvius, the new BRAWO® Pico light curing system was tested directly at the customer “Abfluss Service Böhm GmbH” in Dresden on the demanding pipe section.

The BRAWO® Pico has managed to rehabilitate the very demanding pipe run prepared by the company Böhm in Dresden. The challenging pipe section showed that the BRAWO® Pico mastered almost every change of direction, even in extremely small diameters. Nils Jankowski, Application Engineer at BRAWO® SYSTEMS, and Franz Brauchle from Fluvius, jointly presented the latest system from BRAWO® SYSTEMS. Franz Brauchle found it fascinating to find out the entry limits of the liner with the Pico: “We have achieved more than we thought. We inverted through DN 50 pipes, also with 90° degree bends.“

The speed of the light curing system and the short curing times convinced the customer and make a strong case for the acquisition of the BRAWO® Pico. The summary on site: such a system is totally usable, especially for the in-house sector. Because the residents in the apartments and houses are often impatient and the construction sites have to be dealt with quickly. Böhm is already successfully renovating in the in-house sector. The BRAWO® Pico would give them the opportunity to renovate even faster and also smaller diameters.

Product Facts:


  • Intelligent LED head
  • Installation log and interface to mobile end device (USB, W-LAN)
  • Changeable hose package with LED head
  • Integrated operating hours control and temperature monitoring


  • Low power consumption with high light output
  • 20 high-power UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency
  • Save a complete operation, only one access point necessary


  • Very fast curing
  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° bends possible from DN 50
  • Extremely small construction, especially suitable for in-house rehabilitation
  • Easy to transport thanks to compact, lightweight modular design

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