Minimally invasive and gentle: trenchless pipe renovation at Rechts der Isar Hospital in Munich

Technical details

  • Pipe size: Pipes DN 100-200mm
  • Length of the rehabilitated section: 170 metres
  • Renovation method: BRAWOLINER® HT with BRAWO® RR resin and overnight cold curing
  • Difficulty:
    - Highly sensitive pharmacy area under the waste water pipes (trailing pipes hidden in suspended ceiling)
    - The rehabilitation work had to be carried out via the hospital's canteen kitchen, which cooks for around 5,000 patients, doctors and nursing staff.
    - This meant that only night work was possible.
  • Rehabilitation duration: 2-3 weeks in each case within 9 months, including all preparatory and follow-up work.

Advantages and results

The trenchless rehabilitation method brought considerable advantages:

  • Minimal disruption: by using only one access point and avoiding any demolition work, the highly sensitive pharmacy area with the modern, technical prescription picker was spared any disruption and protected from damage or contamination by the leaking waste water pipes.
  • Time saving: the work during the rehabilitation period, including all preparatory and follow-up work, was completed in just 2-3 weeks in each case.
  • Efficiency: in contrast to conventional methods, the BRAWOLINER® application enabled the rehabilitated waste water pipe to be quickly put back into service.
  • The canteen kitchen was able to remain in operation throughout the entire construction period!


The pipe rehabilitation in the Rechts der Isar Hospital by KS Abwassertechnik GmbH, using BRAWO® SYSTEMS products, was an efficient and gentle solution for repairing the waste water pipes. The minimally invasive procedure and simple handling emphasise the advantages of this modern rehabilitation method.

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