Sustainable in-house rehabilitation of an apartment complex in the French port city of La Rochelle

A 52-metre-high apartment building was completely rehabilitated by Bouygues Batiment and made fit for the future. For instance, the residents were able to look forward to new windows and a new exterior paint job, and what is not visible to many and yet of great importance, the vertical wastewater pipes were repaired again.

The local company Ortec rehabilitated all the wastewater pipes in the building with equipment from BRAWO® SYSTEMS.

For the rehabilitation of the 12 downpipes being rehabilitated, 650 metres of BRAWOLINER® HT 3D DN 70-100 were processed. The liners were impregnated beforehand with the epoxy resin BRAWO® III and then inverted in the respective old pipe using a BRAWO® TECH inversion drum from the roof of the apartment complex. The curing was finally carried out by means of steam curing and a processing temperature of 85 degrees Celsius, for which a 50 UL steam generator was used. The rehabilitation with the BRAWOLINER® HT and steam curing is particularly suitable for in-house rehabilitation projects and guarantees safety by fulfilling all structural requirements and holding the demanding DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of wastewater pipes inside buildings.

The employees from Ortec took about three weeks to clean the old wastewater pipes, install the liners and open the inlets. During this time, the residents of the apartment building were on site and did not have to leave their homes for the work.

Before Ortec started with this project, they completed a two-day training course with Yaker Ait of BRAWO® SYSTEMS, who trained them how to use the BRAWO® SYSTEMS equipment and also provided support during the first installation on the construction site.


BRAWOLINER® HT was specially developed for in-house rehabilitation. This involves a high-tech textile hose, which is soaked with epoxy resin and then inserted into the defective pipe by means of air or water pressure. In doing so, the BRAWOLINER® HT completely lines the pipe and thus eliminates all existing and also any potential damage.

Technical data:

  • From DN 50 to DN 250
  • Bends up to 90°
  • Up to two dimensional changes

Hot curing at higher temperatures with water or steam is possible

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