No mountain is too high for BRAWOLINER®

The viewing platform on the Gornergrat at 3100 metres is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Zermatt. For the perfect view of the Matterhorn and the Swiss mountains, every day many visitors take the Gornergrat railway. Keeping it maintained and constantly replacing parts are therefore important for tourism. Pipe rehabilitation under these conditions and at this height is difficult, but no problem with the BRAWOLINER®!

In 2023, in addition to a newly planned drinking water reserve, leaks were also detected in the underground pipe. The Swiss company Landolt Kanaltechnik AG was commissioned to rehabilitate the affected downpipe. Landolt Kanaltechnik has been using BRAWO® SYSTEMS products for ten years. Due to the positive experience, these were also used here.

The 12 metre long DN120 underground pipe of the mountain railway station had to be rehabilitated from the platform to the inspection shaft. As part of the project, the pipes were prepared using the BRAWOLINER® vortex cutter. The pipes were then rehabilitated and finally tested for leaks. The BRAWOLINER® XT DN100 was used and, due to the cold temperatures, the BRAWO® I resin. Curing was carried out with water.

Two sewer rehabilitators were responsible for the construction site and needed a total of four days to complete the work. The main difficulties lay in the logistics, as all the necessary equipment had to be transported up the by the mountain railway. While the BRAWO® SYSTEMS vehicle trailer with all the equipment was parked at the valley station, several loading crates were used to transport the required individual parts to the top each morning and evening on material runs. In an interview with BRAWO® SYSTEMS, project manager Dennis Beck praised the vehicle trailer as well as the smooth rehabilitation of the construction site: "Normally we don't have any problems with the equipment, we just always take the trailer with us, everything is in there, which is great. It couldn't be easier!"


Liner for pipes subject to high structural loads:

  • From DN 100 to DN 250
  • Higher nominal rigidity
  • Bends up to 90°
  • One dimensional change


The resin systems from BRAWO® SYSTEMS have been developed for all common rehabilitation requirements of domestic and industrial sewers. The BRAWO® epoxy resins can cure both cold and hot. The addition of heat significantly accelerates the curing process. Our reaction resins have been optimised to meet all common rehabilitation requirements. The fast-curing BRAWO® I resin for underground pipes is particularly suitable for rehabilitating shorter pipes up to approx. 15 metres in length.

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