Pre-impregnated BRAWOLINER® also impresses in Homburg: 25 street inlets rehabilitated in 2 weeks

Have you heard about the latest innovation from BRAWO® SYSTEMS, the new BRAWOLINER® 3D LR?
The only seamless, pre-impregnated 3D liner on the market has already impressed many customers
in the Saar-Palatinate district! Customers were thrilled at how easy it is to use and how much time it saves!

On behalf of the Homburg municipal drainage company, Zait & Kloster GmbH rehabilitated 25 street inlets
in Beeder Strasse with the support of BRAWO® SYSTEMS and the new pre-impregnated BRAWOLINER® 3D LR.

A liner in the dimensions DN 100-150 was used, pre-impregnated in Kaiserslautern with BRAWO® LR resin. Work was also carried out with tried-and-tested BRAWO® SYSTEMS technology: a BRAWO® drum and the BRAWO® Magnavity SX were used.

The liner was packaged in special cardboard to protect it from light, transported to the respective insertion points, inverted and cured with light using the BRAWO® Magnavity SX.


The advantages of the pre-impregnated BRAWOLINER® 3D LR at a glance:

  • The only seamless pre-impregnated 3D liner on the market
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Reduction in working hours on the construction site
  • Rehabilitated section quickly put back into operation
  • No storage, transportation or handling of resin containers necessary
  • Reduction of contact points with the resin and thus an increase in occupational safety on the construction site


Compared to a rehabilitation project using the open construction method, the construction time was reduced from 20 to approx. 2 weeks with the help of BRAWO® SYSTEMS products and a full closure of the street sections was prevented. The rehabilitation of the individual inlets was completed quickly and easily thanks to the simple application of the BRAWO® SYSTEMS products and the pre-impregnated liner. Both companies involved, the Homburg municipal drainage company and the sewer rehabilitation company Zait & Kloster, were thrilled with the new product.