Light curing one step further

BRAWO® SYSTEMS, the rehabilitation specialist for building and property drainage, presents itself at RO-KA-TECH in Hall 5 at stand A09 with unique innovations and new developments from the field of light curing.

What is more, on the F2/14 outside stand, every day you can witness the latest techniques live and in action!

BRAWO® Magnavity SX: now with 20 % more range!

The new, further developed BRAWO® Magnavity SX light curing system offers users a unique form of light curing: smart, efficient and as powerful as usual with an even longer range of 60 metres, still with compact dimensions and a light weight. It has even higher operating convenience and a further increased installation reliability.

The two Nano and Mega LED heads enable the rehabilitation of diameters DN 100 to DN 300 with the BRAWOLINER® and the BRAWO® LR and BRAWO® UVPox light resins.

It is the only system to have European CE conformity and NRTL certification for the market in the USA and Canada.

BRAWO® Pico and PICOTE in-house package: a strong combination for the in-house sector

In-house rehabilitations will become even more flexible and easier in the future by combining the compact BRAWO® Pico light curing system with the matching in-house package from the PICOTE Group. All components are compatible with each other, can be easily transported and enable an application under extremely cramped conditions.

BRAWO® Pico is the first system specifically for use in very small diameter waste water pipes. It ensures fast, reliable and, above all, smart light curing for small diameters starting from DN 50.

The in-house package consists of an impregnation set with a battery-powered midi roller, an impregnation table, the PICOTE Cannon and useful accessories.

The liner can be impregnated directly on site with this package. The PICOTE Cannon enables the simple inversion of the BRAWOLINER in a confined space, e.g. bathroom, kitchen.

BRAWO® UVPox: the first pigmented light-curing epoxy resin
BRAWO® UVPox is the first pigmented light-curing epoxy resin on the market that can be used for innovative curing with UV and LED light in conjunction with the BRAWOLINER®. An almost endless processing time guarantees a high level of installation reliability and a targeted control of rapid curing by light. BRAWO® UVPox is styrene-free and low-odour.

BRAWO® Drum 4.0: the one for everything!

The new innovative BRAWO® Drum 4.0 is a universally applicable inversion drum for all four curing methods:

  • Curing at ambient temperature.
  • Hot curing with water and steam: due to the rotary joint on the drum axle and the drain valve, an even simpler setup of the circulation is possible, the curing can be accelerated by water or steam.
  • Curing with UV/LED light: the adaptation of the light source is now possible without an additional lock. from the beginning of the inversion to the completion of the curing, the liner remains continuously under pressure.

The BRAWO® Drum 4.0 is characterised by its high flexibility in terms of its possible applications. It has universal connection options, such as for the BRAWO® Magnavity SX light curing system. The chassis design has been optimised so that the drum can be positioned directly above the respective shaft. A large handwheel provides better control when inverting the liner. In addition, the drum comes in a robust stainless steel design suitable for construction sites. Due to the camlock coupling, accessories such as inversion bends can be attached continuously at different angles. The angle of the drum output can also be adjusted in any axis-centered manner. All positions are possible from vertically downwards (directly above a shaft) to vertically upwards (downpipe with access from the basement).

The BRAWO® Drum 4.0 complements the range of BRAWO® inversion drums with the familiar advantages and the usual high quality of BRAWO® Tech.

Interested? Visit BRAWO® SYSTEMS with the three brands BRAWOLINER®, BRAWO® Tech, BRAWO® Academy at RO-KA-TECH 2023!

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